Diagnostic Information

While we cannot diagnose a dogs skin problem on the Internet

we have compiled some helpful diagnostic and product information below;

1. Our HOT SPOT KITS ARE Formulated to deal with scratching and chewing canine skin problems commonly referred to as; Summer itch, Hot Spots, Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Allergies (grass, foods, etc.), Pyoderma , Eczema, Sebborhea, Acute Moist Dermatitis, Atopic Lick Dermatitis, Acute Lick Granuloma, Staph or Yeast infections and Canine Black Skin Disease.

2. A good indication of a Hot Spot condition is if your dogs skin problem is generally worse in warmer weather and subsides in cooler weather, however, these skin conditions are also known to be year round.

3. A good second indicator is many of the dogs with “Hot Spot” problems mainly chew themselves at the base of their tails, however they also chew and scratch other areas such as feet, sides and abdomen (See test pictures).

Our HOT SPOT KIT consists of 4oz. of our special tearless antiseptic shampoo to wash the dog and 2 oz. of our specially formulated healing lotion to be used directly on the skin of the affected areas after the dog has been bathed and dried. This procedure should be repeated about every 7 days (depending on the dogs progress), until the dog isn’t scratching/chewing anymore. The number of treatments vary from dog to dog, but positive results should be observed within 24 to 48 hours. Our kits are designed to give a 60 LB, medium-coat dog approximately 3 treatments which in many cases is sufficient to control the problem (however severe cases may take more treatments -the worst case in our test was controlled in about 8 weeks).

There are no complicated procedures for the use of our products, and complete instructions and ingredients are included with the Hot Spot Kit.

The ingredients in our products are benign and pain free and do not require the use of gloves or any protective procedures.

We have not received any report of an allergic reaction to our products or adverse interaction with any medication. We have found, however, using other topical remedies in an effort to help promote healing during treatments may actually slow down the healing process.

Methods of Flea Control, such as Flea spray and powders on open wounds might irritate the skin and slow the healing process. However, topical products such as Advantage or Frontline may be used as prescribed.

Our HOT SPOT KITS are NON-TOXIC and safe to use on Pregnant and Nursing animals!

RAVEN PET PRODUCT’S HOT SPOT KIT is satisfaction guaranteed for 60 days for the purchase price (not including shipping and handling).

Dogs with Parasites, such as Mange (Sarcoptic or Demodectic), are not suffering from Hot Spots conditions. Veterinarians can determine if these parasites are present. These animals need to be treated with an insecticide. Our product is not designed to treat this type of infestation.


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